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Nutritional supplements & PERSONALIZED NUTRITION

Be your healthiest with nutrition tailored to your specific needs

Bluejay Pharmacy provides nutritional supplements and vitamins, diagnostic lab testing and personalized, nutritional consulting to help you achieve your health goals. Our comprehensive wellness program Metabolic Code, combines testing with in-depth, one-on-one consultation. Whether your goal is to gain energy, manage your weight, achieve hormonal balance or simply to be your healthiest, we can help.

We specialize in the interplay of nutrition, metabolism and functional medicine

We believe in holistic health, using both nutrition and medicine to achieve optimal health, and our founder, Dr. Tim Schroeder, specializes in Metabolic, Nutritional & Functional Medicine.  


Nutritional Supplements

Bluejay Pharmacy carries a full line of high-quality nutritional supplements and vitamins. Choose a pharmacy that understands the interplay of your medicine and nutritional supplements.

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Metabolic Code

Want to be healthier, gain energy, lose weight or reduce risk factors such as elevated lipids, glucose or chronic inflammation? Metabolic Code is designed to identify and correct your unique biochemical challenges and metabolic deficiencies.


Weight Management 

Products and programs to support weight management, including Metabolic Code, and hCG Diet friendly products.