FACIAL moisturizers

spa quality moisturizers & COMPOUNDED moisturizing treatments

We carry a line of premium, spa grade skincare products, including facial moisturizers and we custom compound moisturizing treatments as listed below.


compounded Moisturizers

  • Facial Spray: Glycine Soya Protein Solution 2%/Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate 1%/Aloe Vera 0.5%/Panthenol 2%

  • Sodium Lactate 1.8%/Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate 2%/Niacinamide 2% Topical Cream

  • Sodium Hyaluronate 1.2%/Beta Glucan (1,3) 0.05% Topical Solution

  • Squalane 2%/Shea Butter 0.1%/Aloe Vera Oil 1% Topical Cream

  • Renovage™ 3% Compound Topical Cream (VersaBase®)(Comprehensive Anti-Aging Cream)

  • Renovage™ 3%/Acetyl-D-Glucosamine 5%/Niacinamide 2.5% Compund Topical Hand Cream (Comprehensive anti-aging hand cream that uses low molecular hyaluronic acid)

  • VersaBase® Skin Renew Cream: Pomegranate Seed Oil 1.6%/Acetyl-D-Glucosamine 5% Compound Topical Cream