FREQUENTLY Asked Questions


What is compounding?

At its heart, compounding relies on a relationship triad between a patient, a doctor and a pharmacist. Until about 1950, almost all medications were prepared by a pharmacist according to the instructions of a physician in response to the specific needs of a particular patient. 

Compounding goes back to this basic model, usually for 3 reasons:

  1. Discontinued Drugs: A medication that once was commercially available is now discontinued, but there are some people who found benefit from it. Compounders can make that medication especially for those people. 
  2. Drug Shortages: For example, during the H1N1 epidemic, the makers of a particular commercial medication couldn’t keep up with demand, so compounders who had access to the raw medication materials could make doses for a limited time during the shortage. 
  3. #1 Reason for Custom Medication: particular patient needs. The patient may have an allergy to an inactive ingredient (such as a dye or filler) that is found in a commercial product and therefore needs a custom medication that does not include that ingredient. Another example is when a commercial medication is only available in a tablet form, but a child needs it in liquid form. Compounded medications are also for pet, and you might have a pet that is very picky about a certain medication flavor... We could go on and on! 

Can I request a compounded medication from my doctor?

Yes. Just as you can go into your doctor’s office to inquire about a medication advertised on TV or otherwise, you can also request that your doctor write you a prescription to try a compounded medication. 

Your doctor knows you and your medical history, but may be unaware of the many treatment options made possible through compounding. Bluejay Pharmacy is working hard to change this! You can help by talking to your doctor about your preferences. Encourage your doctor to contact a Bluejay Pharmacy pharmacist to discuss active ingredients, novel dosage forms, or how to write a compounded prescription. We are available for advice and recommendations.

Compounding pharmacy exists to enable you, your doctor and your pharmacist to all work together for your unique health and unique medication requirements. Compounding is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

What if my doctor has a preferred pharmacy?

Your doctor may have an ownership interest in a preferred pharmacy or simply be comfortable referring to a particular location. However, YOU have a CHOICE in pharmacies. Compounded medications, by definition, are not commercial products, so they can be created in any pharmacy with the materials and know-how to do so. Bluejay Pharmacy would love the opportunity to earn your trust and loyalty.

do you accept insurance?

In short, we do not accept insurance for custom compounded medications, but for retail medications we can bill through insurance or accept cash payment. 

That being said and understanding that out of pocket expenses are a concern for many families, we will gladly print you a universal claim form that you can submit to your insurance.

Why we don't accept insurance for compounded medications
By avoiding entering into contracts with insurance companies, we retain the flexibility to adjust our prices to make them as affordable as possible. Furthermore, this policy allows us to work with your doctor to formulate the medication that is right for you, rather than what the insurance company says. Lastly, as time goes on, insurance companies cover fewer and fewer compounded medications.

what information do you need to process a prescription from my doctor on my behalf?

Your doctor can send us a prescription on your behalf, or your doctor can write you a prescription that you bring directly to us to process.  To fill a prescription request, we need the following patient information: name, address, date of birth, allergies.

For Prescribers: How to write a compounded prescription AND OTHER TOOLS

Click the following image to review the information needed to submit a compounded prescription. Click here to view other prescriber tools. Please also feel free to contact our pharmacists at 281-251-0904 or for assistance with any formulation or therapeutic suggestions.


why don't we accept credit card payment online?

Due to payment processing fees associated with selling nutritional products online.  We hope to accept online credit card payment in the future, but for now we only accept PayPal payment online (via website cart).  Pay with credit card by calling us, visiting our locations, or using our online order form for credit card payment.

Refund & RETURN Policy

You may return items purchased from Bluejay Pharmacy, if the item is unopened / unused and is returned within 30 days of receipt.  If you wish to process a return, please contact us at 281-251-0904 or or visit one of our locations.


If you are unhappy with our product or service for any reason, please allow us the privilege to fix our error. To file a formal complaint about Bluejay Pharmacy with the Texas Board of Pharmacy, contact:

Texas Board of Pharmacy
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