facial Masques & exfoliants

spa quality facial masques & exfoliants and COMPOUNDED moisturizing treatments

We carry a line of premium, spa grade skincare products, including facial masques and physical and chemical exfoliants. We also custom compound facial masque and exfoliation treatments as listed below.


compounded facial masques

Leave Masque on Skin for 20 minutes, Then Rinse.

  • Sodium Hyaluronate 0.1% Facial Masque
  • DMAE 2.28%/Peucedanum Ostruthium 3%/Niacinamide 4%/Acetyl-D-Glucosamine 2% Facial Masque
  • DMAE 2.28%/Biopeptide Facial Masque


Prepares Skin for the Procedure

  • Gluconolactone 6%/Mandelic Acid 5%/Lactic Acid 5%/Panthenol DL 2% Topical Solution. Everyday use peel for sensitive skin.
  • Gluconalactone 3%/Vitamin E Acetate 1%/Chrysaderm® Night Cream
  • Mequinol 2%/Tretinoin 0.01% Topical Solution (Alcohol Free)

Facial Peels for doctor’s office use only

  • Jessner’s Topical Solution
  • Glycolic Acid 45% (W/V) Hydroquinone 2% Peel Solution
  • Tretinoin 5% Topical Peel Cream
  • Baker’s Gel
  • Glycolic Acid 70% (W/V) Topical Peel Gel (Unbuffered)
  • Trichloroacetic Acid 35% (W/V) Topical Solution


For Daily Use to Help Renew/Restore Damaged skin and Prevent Redamage

  • After Peel Cream
  • Octyinoxate 7%/Oxybenzone 5%/Titanium Dioxide 0.6% Topical Spray

Skin Renewal

Apply Two to Three Times Per Week for Exfoliation of the Skin

  • AHA Alpha Clear Solution
  • Gluconolactone 10%/Mandelic Acid 10%/Lactic Acid 10% Topical Solution (Once weekly peel for sensitive skin)