DENTAL Conditions

Bluejay Pharmacy offers custom compounded medicines to treat the following dental concerns: Mucositis, xerostomia, fluoride treatments, aphthous ulcers/canker sores, stomatodynia, TMJ, angular chelitis, cold sores, gum disease, and more

Medication categories

Analgesic, antivirals, antibiotics, topical anesthetics, sedatives, dry socket mixtures, root canal paste, plaque removal solutions, oral rinses, adhesives, bleaching gels

Dosage forms

troches/sublinguals, capsules, lollipops, gels, mucosal bandages, mouthwashes and rinses, dental ointments and pastes, lip balms, topical sprays, powder puffer, popsicles, tablet triturates

compounded treatments per concern

Doctors Prescription Required

Dry Sockets

  • Benzocaine 16/7% dry socket paste
  • Lidocaine HCl 15%/Prenisolone 0.5% Eugenol Socket Liquid

Dry Mouth

  • Pilocarpine HCl 5mg sorbitol lollipop
  • Pilocarpine HCl 2mg troche
  • Pilocarpine 10mg/mL oral spray
  • Electrolyte troche (Na, Cl, KCl, MgSO4, NaHCO3)

Burning Mouth Syndrome

  • Salicylic acid 0.3% mouthwash
  • Capsaicin 0.25mg troche
  • Amitriptyline HCl 2%/Gabapentin 6%/Lidocaine HCl 0.5% oral rinse


  • Lidocaine HCl 10%/Prilocaine HCl 10%/Tetracaine HCl 4% dental gel
  • Lidocaine HCl 20%/Tetracaine HCl 4%/Phenylephrine HCl 2% dental gel
    • Apply with cotton swab to dried mucosal surface; leave for 2-3 minutes
    • Numbing effect lasts for about 30 minutes
    • 6 month shelf life
  • Lidocaine HCl 10%/Phenylephrine HCl 2%/Prilocaine HCl 10%/Tetracaine HCl 4% dental gel
  • Tetracaine HCl 0.5% Sorbitol lollipop

Non-“caine” Anesthetic

  • Dyclonine HCl 1% oral dental solution
    • Can be used as a mouthwash or gargle to suppress gag reflex when making films or impressions
    • 90 day shelf life
  • Dyclonine HCl 1% oral gel

Anti-gag Reflex

  • Electrolyte troche (Na, Cl, KCl, MgSO4, NaHCO3)
  • Tetracaine HCl 0.5% Sorbitol lollipop

Mouth Ulcers

  • Triamcinolone 0.1% in Polyox bandage
  • Phenytoin 2%/Misoprostol 0.0024%/Lidocaine 2%/Bupivicaine HCl 0.2%/Diphenhydramine HCl 1%/Aloe Vera 0.2% Polyox bandage
    • Insufflate onto ulcer; the moisture together with polyox powder will create a bandage like film to hold medication at the source of therapeutic need
    • 6 month shelf life
  • Polyphenol sulfonic acid 65%
    • Apply small amount with cotton swab to dried mucosal surface for 4-5 seconds
    • Burns upon application, but sore is basically cauterized and resolves
    • 6 month shelf life
  • Menthol 0.075%/Thymol 0.01%/Camphor 0.075%/Benzocaine 2%/Tannic Acid 1%
    • Apply to mouth ulcers with cotton swab 3-4 times daily
    • 3 month shelf life
  • Clobetasol 0.05%/Ketoconazole 2% ointment
    • Apply thin layer to inner surface of dentures or medication trays. Leave for 30 minutes.
    • 3 month shelf life
  • Triamcinolone acetonide 0.2% in sugar-free Nystatin 100.000 units/mL solution
    • Rinse with 5mL for one minute then spit out after each meal and at bedtime; do not have anything to eat or drink for 30 minutes afterwards
  • Morphine sulfate 1mg/mL oral gel


  • Chlorophyllin 0.2% mouthcam
  • Sodium hypochlorite 0.12% mouthrinse

Teeth Whitening

  • Urea hydrogen peroxide 17% and 35% gel
  • Carbamide peroxide 22%/potassium nitrate 5%/sodium fluoride 2% dental gel


  • Promethazine HCl 25mg/Gm topical lipoderm
  • Ondansetron 4mg/0.1mL topical lipoderm

Periodontal Treatment

  • Metronidazole 25% dental gel
  • Minocycline HCl 2% dental gel
  • Metronidazole 45.5%/ciprofloxacin HCl 45.5%/minocycline HCl 9% dental paste
  • Poloxamer 407 30% gel (delivery system for drugs in periodontal use)


  • Tranexamic acid 4.8% solution (for patients on anticoagulant therapy)


  • Ketoprofen 5%/cyclobenzaprine HCl 0.5%/lidocaine HCl 5%/bupivacaine HCl 1% topical lipoderm
  • Ketoprofen 10%/cyclobenzaprine HCl 2% topical lipoderm

Angular Chelitis/ Angular Chelosis

  • Clotrimazole 2%/ibuprofen 2%/tea tree oil 5% topical cream
  • Miconazole 2%/ibuprofen 1%/tea tree oil 2% topical cream

Oral Lichen Planus

  • Tretinoin 0.1%/clobetasol propionate 0.05% oral adhesive paste
  • Tretinoin 0.1%/clobetasol propionate 0.05% oral polyox bandage
  • Tretinoin 0.1mg/clobetasol propionate 0.5 mg polyglycol troche

Thrush (Oral Candida)

  • Amphotericin 100 mg gelatin troche
  • Amphotericin B 100mg/mL oral suspension

Alcohol-free Chlorhexidine

  • Chlorhexidine 0.12% oral rinse
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.2% oral rinse, alternate

Cold Sores

  • Acyclovir 2%/deoxy-D-glucose 0.2% lip balm
  • Acyclovir 5%/lidocaine 1% lip balm
  • Acyclovir 10% flavored lip ointment

Pre-procedure Anxiety

  • Midazolam 12.5mg sorbitol lollipop
  • Ketamine 50mg sorbitol lollipop