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Why Compounded Medicine: Top 3 Reasons

Until about 1950, almost all medications were prepared by a pharmacist according to the instructions of a physician in response to the specific needs of a particular patient. Compounding goes back to this basic model, usually for three reasons:

  1. Discontinued Drugs: A medication that once was commercially available is now discontinued, but there are some people who found benefit from it. Compounders can make that medication especially for those people. 
  2. Drug Shortages: For example, during the H1N1 epidemic, the makers of a particular commercial medication couldn’t keep up with demand, so compounders who had access to the raw medication materials could make doses for a limited time during the shortage. 
  3. #1 Reason for Custom Medication: particular patient needs. The patient may have an allergy to an inactive ingredient (such as a dye or filler) that is found in a commercial product and therefore needs a custom medication that does not include that ingredient. Another example is when a commercial medication is only available in a tablet form, but a child needs it in liquid form. Compounded medications are also for pet, and you might have a pet that is very picky about a certain medication flavor...


medication synchronization

Conveniently pick-up all of your ongoing prescription refills from the pharmacy on the same day each month (or sign up for mail delivery).  This can save multiple trips to the pharmacy, ensures a proper supply of required medications and makesit easier for patients to stick to their medication regimine.



24 hour processing, mail delivery, Local resource

Many compounding pharmacies work via mail order, but they are not usually local.  Not only does Bluejay Pharmacy offer mail delivery within certain areas and prescription processing within 24 hours, we focus on local service within North Houston and truly personalized medicine. Not only can you call us with questions and concerns, you can walk right in.  We are your neighbors.  We like to say that we offer local flavor, with a Texas taste.